Moeller, Mary


Welcome to Mrs. Moeller's webpage.  I want to welcome all my students, as well as parents, to the 2012-2013 school year.  I will be looking forward to meeting all parents and working with you to make for a very successful and enjoyable school year.  
These will be my classroom rules:
1.  Bring all materials and be on time.
2.  Respect others and use courteous language.
     NO swearing, teasing or name calling allowed!
3.  Be responsible for assignments, actions, and
4.  Be ready to learn.
**Note: Student code of conduct and school rules 
   are to be followed at all times.**
1.  Verbal warning  2.  Student/Teacher conference
and parent called  3.  Detention and parent notified
in writing  4.  Parent/Teacher conference 
5.  Referral earned