Flores, Rachel

*Provide a variety of activities with opportunities for each student to be successful.
*Provide a Physical Education & Health program where students are totally accountable for their own grades.
*Provide lessons that will encourage positive social behavior & good sportsmanship with other students.
*Develop experiences in non-competitive & competitive activities and in team & individual sports.
*Develop skills, interests, & an appreciation for Health, Wellness & Fit for Life.

*Students are expected to be prepared, to learn, give their best
 effort & be cooperative.
*Students are expected to participate to the best of their ability.
*Students are expected to be respectful to others at all times.

Back to School
*Students will go to their squad lines & sit down before the tardy bell rings.
*Students will follow ALL COACHES instructions.
*Students will follow these safety rules:
1.  No Bullying--Verbal, Physical, Social & Emotional, or Cyber.
2.  No Touching anyone-keep your body parts--hands, feet, etc. to yourself.
3.  No Fighting or Cussing with other students.
4.  Don't Pickup & Throw anything that will hurt other students.
5.  No Chewing Gum or Eating candy, food, or snacks in class.
*Students when required will suit out in Proper P.E. clothes separate from school
*Students will need a regular size combination lock if using a P.E. locker, a pen or pencil & a folder--3 prong for Health work & writing assignments.
*Students can wear shorts that are knee length or past finger tips, cotton capris, warmups, T-shirt, sweatshirt, tennis shoes, & if outside-a cap or hat & sunscreen.
*Students can't wear tank tops, camisoles, spaghetti straps, muscle tees, jeans, cut-off clothing, flats, slip-on shoes, long or fake nails, or jewelry.

1ST Offense is a Conference with the Student.
2ND Offense is a Conference with the Student's Parent or Guardian.
3RD Offense is Friday Detention & Conference with Student's Parent or Guardian.
4TH Offense is a Discipline Referral & Conference with Administration.