Kleist, Justin

Welcome To Mr. Kleists English and Reading Class!!

Just like the picture above we are about to go on a journey.  We are going to spend this year exploring our imaginations and reading awesome books.  If you hate reading it's probably because you were reading a boring book.  My goal in this class is to get you interested in books and change everything that you thought you knew about reading.  

On this website you can

1.  Contact me to ask me questions or make comments and suggestions about the class
2.  See the schedule for the next week of class
3.  Read the awesome blogs I write and comment back
4.  Access our online bookclub
5.  Get an updated list of cool books that I have read

Mr. Kleist's Classroom Rules:

1.  Be virtuous
2.  Raise your hands before you speak or get out of your seat
3.  Do not talk while I am talking
4.  Whisper voices