Ortega, Sabrina

Welcome to Alternative Education Program at Armendariz Middle School

Mission Statement: To reinforce and grow in all curriculum subjects while in Alternative Placement.

As stated in AEP contract: School day is 7:15-2:15
Students must leave campus at 2:15
NO  jewelry, book bags, purses, electronic devices or make up.  Also jackets are      
NOT allowed to be worn in the classroom.  Such items will be confiscated and returned to student's parent/guardian at the end of the student's Alternative Placement stay. The only exception is  jackets they will be returned at the end of the school day.                                                            
No Sharpie Pens are allowed in class nor on the campus.

Classroom Rules:  1.  Respect teacher and all classmates
                                   2.  Stay seated during class
                                   3.  Follow instructions when given
                                   4.  No eating or drinking during class
                                    5.  No talking unless spoken too

Consequences:  1.  Call to parent
                               2.  Parent asked to come sit with student
                               3.  Meeting with Student, Parent and Administration
                               4.  Referral
                               5.  Possible transfer to Lafarelle

**Please sign up for the Parent Portal on episd.org, so that you can keep track of your students grades.
**If you have any questions or problems please email me or contact me at (915) 546-9012

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